Student Conference

1st Financial Student Conference

International financial, accounting and macroeconomic conference

23-24 April 2015, Sopron

Foundation for Higher Education in Sopron organizes its first international student conference in Sopron at the Campus of the University Of West Hungary Faculty Of Economic (Erzsébet Street 9, Sopron) on 23rd-24th of April, 2015.
We have the honour to invite to the conference the representatives of higher education institutions, master students, PhD students and PhD candidates, colleagues and experts interested in the subject.

Organizing Committee:
  • Dr. Fábián Attila PhD associate professor, dean of the Faculty of Economics
  • Dr. Happ Éva PhD associate professor, vice dean;
  • Dr. Koloszár László PhD, associate professor, vice dean,
    professional coordinator of GEKSZ;
  • Dr. Ambrus Rita Anna PhD associate professor, head of institute;
  • Dr. Wilfing János university councillor, head of the dean’s office;
  • Pankotay Fruzsina Magda, head of the GEKSZ;
  • Nedelka Erzsébet PhD student;
  • Vajay Julianna PhD student;
  • Ékes Szeverin Kristóf PhD student.

The planned sessions of the sessions:
  • European Union’s sources – Business opportunities;
  • The role of the insurances after the crisis – New opportunities in the insurance market;
  • The role of the monetary policy after the crisis – The responsibility of central banks;
  • Capital and financial markets.

Papers, presented on the conference, will be published in the Conference CD Proceedings with an ISBN. Formal requirements of the abstract and paper can be find on the website of the conference.
The proposed deadline for submission of the final studies is 29th of May 2015.

Official languages of the conference: Hungarian and English.

Registration fee:
2-day participation fee: 8000 Ft + VAT
, which includes conference materials, CD proceeding,
refreshments (coffee, mineral water), a dinner and a lunch.
1-day participation fee: 4000 Ft + VAT, which includes conference materials, CD proceeding,
refreshments (coffee, mineral water) and a lunch..

Please indicate your intention to participate by filling out our online application form until 13th of April 2015!

Online registration!

Formal requirement for abstract (pdf)
Formal requirements for paper (pdf)

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